Reusable dehumidifier rechargeable, eliminates mold and mildew as well as unpleasant odours “MY drying agent TO go 235gram” – protects your valuables against humidity – ideal to use inside campers, vehicles, trucks, boats, or just around the house – low investment with great effect – money back guarantee


    ✔ NO MORE MOLD – The granulate inside the pouch is environmentally friendly and it absorbs moisture and humidity from the air in the room. This creates a fresh, dry, odour free environment and eliminates bad smells as well as the growth of mold and mildew, which could be a potential health hazard.

    ✔ ESPECIALLY EFFECTIVE – in small, enclosed places such as: closets, cabinets, boxes, crates, cars, campers, boats, trucks, tents and camping gear, etc.

    ✔ EASY TO USE – The built-in sensor on the pouch will indicate when it must be recharged. Do this by simply placing it in the sun or in your microwave oven as often as you would like. The dehumidifying pouch doesn’t require other expenses for things such as electricity to recharge it or for replacement filters, repairs, etc, therefore making it a good and smart investment.

    ✔ SAVES MONEY- Your valuables will remain dry and in tip-top condition even when stored in dark, damp, humid places such as closets, cellars, mudrooms (shoe closets), attics, cars, lorries, boats, etc. The unpleasant odours that are caused by humidity will disappear and you will eventually save money because you won’t have to replace items that are ruined due to dampness.

    ✔ ORDER NOW WITHOUT RISK- The low investment will pay for itself several times over because this product will greatly increase the longevity of your valuables. Order now and take advantage of the reduced price, which also includes a money-back guarantee!


    Mold and high humidity within a household, in basements, vehicles, etc. are problems not to underestimate. These unpleasant things can spoil our food, deteriorate our valuables, documents as well as our clothing. Everyone knows the very unpleasant feeling of putting on cold, damp and humid shoes or clothes. With this product you never have to suffer from that feeling again.

    My drying agent TO go gives you the perfect solution to eliminate moisture, mold and the unpleasant odours found in our valuables (shoes, documents, electronics, vehicles, campers, trucks, boats, etc). Like a magnet, the My drying agent TO go absorbs the moisture from the air and stores it within the calcium silicate granules that are found inside the pouch.

    The built-in sensor will then signal when the granules are fully saturated, so you can then quickly recharge the pouch by placing it inside the microwave oven or lay it out in the sun to dry. After a short period of time, it can then be reused without the need for any additional charge. It doesn’t require power and or any other energy sources to function. It can be infinitely recharged and will not generate any type of waste products. All of your treasured belongings that are stored inside closets, boxes, or other small places will remain dry and they won’t be ruined anymore. The pouch contains calcium silicate gel, which is a natural product and is absolutely healthy and unharmful.

    The possibilities to use this dehumidifier are endless and you can enjoy it anywhere you’d like – at the campground, in a boat, the cellar, the attic, in the cabinet, shoe closet, etc., etc.