Car back seat protector and organizer MY carcaddy TO go for every car – with multi-pocket travel storage and iPAD Tablet holder – helps keep the vehicle tidy and protects against scratching – black


    ✔ EVERYTHING IN ITS PLACE – backrest protection organizer features plenty of storage space for toys, books, bottles, diapers, electronic devices, etc. Size 60 cm x 36.5 cm. This seatback cover is ideal accessory your automotive. You can use it for Kick-Mat and Seat cover, so you can travel longer in happy silence with your baby or kids.

    ✔ FITS PERFECTLY, QUICK INSTALLATION – The straps can be adjusted for quick and easy attachment and ensure that it won’t slip even in extreme situations. The rubber belts connected at the bottom of the backrest protector can be quickly and easily hooked to the underside of your seat, so that the protectors are always firmly in place and doesn’t slide.

    ✔ OPTIMAL PROTECTION AND SIMPLE CLEANING – MY carcaddy TO go is waterproof and protects the entire backrest. This backrest organiser is easy to clean, stylish and protects against scuffing by shoes, soiling by foods, etc. and is rugged in design. It can be wiped clean with a damp cloth, or be given a full cleaning after removal by hosing it down (dry thoroughly afterwards).

    ✔ PERFECTLY FITTING AND SECURE FASTENING OF YOUR ELECTRONIC TABLET UND – The special pocket sewn in at the top allows the electronic tablet to be slid into place and used by passengers without their having to hold it on their knees. In the event of sudden braking or swerving, the tablet remains safely in place. Also, it’s always well-ventilated to prevent overheating. You can also quickly and easily connect any cables you might need.

    ✔ SIMPLY ORDER WITHOUT RISK 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – The low investment pays for itself many times over. The constant orderliness in your vehicle and the protection of the backrest help maintain your car’s value. Order now and take advantage of the reduced price – which also includes the money-back guarantee.


    6 convincing reasons why the MY carcaddy TO go backrest protector is a good buy:

    ✔ Rugged quality – The material is made of tear-resistant, water-repellent polyester with strengthened seams. – ✔ Simply care – MY carcaddy TO go can be wiped clean with a damp cloth or (if heavily soiled) hosed off (after removal). – ✔ Orderliness and safety in your vehicle – the numerous pockets allow you to securely store books, games, diapers, beverage cans, electronic tablets, etc. In the event of sudden braking or swerving, such objects – when left lying around – can be hazardous. – ✔ Convenient, quick installation – Several adjustable straps guarantee a perfect fit. The two rubber belts at the bottom keep the backrest protector firmly in place and prevent slippage. MY carcaddy TO go fits into every car. – ✔ Stylish and high quality – The high-quality polyester is wrinkle-free. The attractive black color and neutral design matches every car interior. – ✔ Quality and money-back guarantee – All MY TO products are tested and certified by internal quality assurance experts before leaving the factory. Order now and take advantage of the marked-down price – which also includes the money-back guarantee. 

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