7 packs compressed reusable vacuum storage bags MY vacuum-bag TO store – extra thick, different assorted sizes – protects clothes, duvets, bedding, pillows, against dampness, mildew, dust, and dirt


    ✔ REDUCES THE VOLUME BY UP TO 80 % – WITH HIGH QUALITY SEALING MECHANISM – Everyone knows the problem of chronic lack of space. What should you do with your blankets, winter clothes, sleeping bags, hand towels, wind jackets? We have the solution. With this heavy duty vacuumed bags for clothing, the volume in your closets is reduced by 80%. The double-secured valve and the double closure on the heat seal bag guarantee optimal air-tightness and guarantees more compression.

    ✔ SEVERAL SIZES FOR PRACTICAL STORAGE OF YOUR ITEMS – in your apartment or basement, while traveling or in your vacation home, conditions are constantly changing. The two different sizes in the 7-pc. set (2 space saver (110x80cm large X-XL ) and 5 (80x60cm middle L )) means that you’ll always find the right size to safely store your clothes, duvet cover, curtains so you save precious storage space.

    ✔ ESPECIALLY THICK, STRONG AND TEAR-RESISTANT MATERIAL – Special attention was paid to tear-resistant and durable vacuum bags. The thickness of the organizer bags was increased by 35%. This makes them more rugged, durable, and resistant in your closet. The double-secured valve and the double closure emphasize the quality of this product. Mold and moisture, insects, bad odors or bacteria don’t have a chance.

    ✔ FREE HAND-PUMP INCLUDED VOR TRAVEL PACKING – When traveling or at home, with the free hand pump, you can always open the bags and immediately close them again – without the bother of setting up and connecting the vacuum cleaner

    ✔ SIMPLY ORDER – NO RISK 100 % MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – The low investment pays for itself many times over. Order today, and enjoy the advantages of this “premium space-saver” and the reduced price – which includes the money-back guarantee.


    Five convincing reasons why MY vacuumbag TO store is a GOOD BUY: 
    ✔ RUGGED QUALITY BY THICKER NYLON – Protects the contents against wetness, dirt, mold, odors, and vermin. 
    ✔ QUICK AND SIMPLE HANDLING – Just place the clothing into it and use the vacuum cleaner or the hand pump to extract the air. Then lock the bag with the quick-closure tool included in the shipment. Suitable for storing winter overcoats, blankets, hand towels, sweaters, trousers, winter and summer attire of all kinds. 
    ✔ NEVER AGAIN MOLDY CLOTHING CAUSED BY DAMPNESS OR MOLD – By removing the air, mold spores and bacteria don’t have a chance in the bag. Your clothing is thus protected against aging, poor odors, and mold – even in damp basements, crates, or closets. 
    ✔ PRACTICAL HELPER FOR TRAVEL – The 80% reduction in volume allows many more articles of clothing to be stored in small suitcases and trunks. The practical hand pump allows the vacuum bag to be opened and again closed at any time without impairing air-tightness.